Smoothies By Evie!


Kickstart your morning with a healthy and nutritious smoothie!   


21 delicious and mouth watering smoothies from my collection to choose from, including five of Evie's health benefits range;

  • Glowing skin smoothie
  • Immune booster smoothie
  • Energy booster smoothie
  • High in fibre smoothie
  • Happy gut smoothie

"Smoothies have been an integral part of my diet. I find smoothies to be a quick and nutritious way to include fruit and vegetables into my diet.

I've been making smoothies for years and experimenting with a range of combinations of fresh ingredients and this has led me to share my knowledge with you in my first eBook".

Who can benefit from this book?


Smoothies are great for everyone! 

They're a great source of vitamins that provide a boost of antioxidants to both adults and kids.


Please enjoy my most favourite recipes that I have shared with you in this book. 


* $1 of every eBook sale will be donated to Diabetes Australia. The fact that you and I could make a difference is a rewarding experience. 

Smoothies By Evie