Smoothies By Evie!

Kickstart Your Morning With A Healthy And Nutritious Smoothie!   


21 delicious and mouth watering smoothies from my collection to choose from, including five of Evie's health benefits range;

  • Glowing skin smoothie
  • Immune booster smoothie
  • Energy booster smoothie
  • High in fibre smoothie
  • Happy gut smoothie

Who can benefit from this book?


Smoothies are great from everyone! 

They are great for people who are busy and always on the run.

They are a great sourse of vitamins with a boost of antioxiants for adults and kids.


Please enjoy my most favourite recipes that I have shared with you in this book. 


* $1 of every EBook sale will be donated to Diabetes Australia. The fact that you and I could make a difference is a rewarding experience. 

Smoothies By Evie