Mobile Personal Training in the Inner West, Canterbury, Bankstown, Croydon Park, Five Dock & St George area


Total Fitness Training provide professional personal trainers throughout Sydney’s Inner West, Canterbury, Bankstown, Croydon Park, Five Dock and St George area. We have a small team of fully qualified mobile personal trainers that are ready to help you get to the level you want to be at with your fitness or weight loss goals. Our mobile personal trainer service can travel to your home or your local park so you can work on your goals in your own space, at your own time. With us, getting fit is easier and more convenient than ever! 

Personal Training
Real-Time Virtual Training
Small Group Training
Corporate Training

Get mobile personal training at your preferred location


We focus on three main factors of health to ensure you get the results you want. The three rings on our logo, which also form three hearts, represent our love and passion for the three main factors of health:        

Nutrition, Exercise & Well-Being!


We want to help you create sustainable habits that will allow you to maintain your ideal weight long-term.

Whether you want to slim down, become fitter and stronger or simply feel better and healthier than you ever have before, our team of professional trainers can help you get to where you want to be. 


We are passionate about helping others look and feel their best. Whether it's 1on1 training, buddy sessions, small group training and our corporate training mobile service.


Real-Time Virtual Training 


Due to unprecedented times, Total Fitness Training will be extending their services to be more accessible in the current climate. We have been helping clients get fit and lean since 2010 and now we are offering online personal training to anyone that would prefer a remote fitness solution in the comfort of their own surrounds.


As advised by the Department of Health and World Health Organisation exercise strengthens the immune system. It is important for your overall health to keep moving, keep healthy and strong. Wherever you are throughout Sydney’s Inner West and surrounding suburbs throughout Bankstown, Croydon Park, St George, Five Dock, Canterbury and beyond, our personal trainers can be of assistance. 


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Benefits of training


√ Weight loss

√ Fat loss

√ Increase energy

√ Increase muscle strength

√ Increase endurance and stamina

√ Increase libido

√ Cardiovascular fitness

√ Reduce stress and anxiety

√ Improve flexibility

√ Improve coordination

√ Improved body composition

√ Enhance self-esteem


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