At Total Fitness Training, we understand that starting an exercise routine can be intimidating, especially for individuals with disabilities. That's why our mobile personal trainers come to you, aiming to make fitness both accessible and enjoyable. We foster a supportive and inclusive atmosphere, ensuring comfort throughout your fitness journey.

    Our training plans are customized for each client's unique needs, prioritizing safety and enjoyment.

    Our certified trainers are fully equipped with the necessary insurance, first aid, and background checks, ensuring a professional experience. We are dedicated to boosting our clients' confidence and independence, contributing to improvements in physical fitness, mental health, and overall well-being.



    Our services cater to a diverse set of needs, helping everyone achieve their health and fitness goals through:

    • Effective exercise routines for those with disabilities
    • Fitness enhancement for children with special needs
    • Support for clients with mental health challenges
    • Weight management assistance for overweight clients

    These efforts lead to notable benefits such as better physical fitness, stronger muscles, more flexibility, reduced anxiety, healthier eating habits, improved confidence, better balance, and stronger bones.

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