Health Coaching

Love The New You 

What is Health Coaching?


Health coaching is a process that facilitates healthy, sustainable behaviour change by challenging you to identify your values and transform your goals into action.


Have you ever wondered why changing your health habits can feel so hard? Even though you know what to do, you don’t do it?

A mindset is the way we see things, how we experience the world. It reflects our thinking, our perceptions, beliefs and attitude.


Which do you need help with? 

  • Becoming more productive?
  • Reaching your potential?
  • Stress reduction and self-care?
  • Improving your well-being?
  • Improving your mindset?


My role?

As your Health Coach, I will help you with structure, goal setting and provide you with the knowledge you need to enable you to change your thinking to develop awareness of your current mindset.


''I believe being healthy is to have a love for life, to be motivated. For your mind, body and spirit to have the right balance. We need to be happy, feel empowered, vital and to be present''.


My services include:

  • Food audits - I will assess, via photos/lists or your fridge/freezer/pantry and suggest healthier options.
  • Grocery list and recipe ideas - I will help you create delicious and wholesome recipes for the whole family to enjoy.
  • Exercise plans - As a qualified Personal Trainer I am also able to provide you with exercise plans to suit your goals.

What to expect from Health Coaching?

The emphasis is on how to make change not just giving you advice about what to do. 

  1. Initial pre-consult questionnaire to fill out to help me understand your current lifestyle.

  2. Complete a one hour assessment consultation, there will be focused questions and active listening   from which we will create a plan of action for you.

  3. Attend coaching sessions, focus on mindset, well-being, goal setting whilst keeping a close eye on expanding your health and nutrition knowledge.

  4. Gain access in essential guidance and tools, everything you will need in order for you to succeed.

Packages for Health Coaching:

This is where it all gets very exciting!

These packages will help you establish a wellness program and we will be able to work together in reaching your goals.

The longer the time frame, the more we will be able to delve deeper and help you with strategies in overcomimg your barriers.


Total touch up package - If you're not sure where to start but know wellness is what you're searching for, this package will suit you.

Total touch up package consists of 6 x one hour Health Coaching sessions.

(3 months)


Total makeover package - If you already have some goals in mind but lack the motivation to start or simply need a plan, this package will suit you.

Total makeover package consists of 10 x one hour Health Coaching sessions.

(5 months)


Total lifestyle transformation package - If you want to mix Personal Training and Health Coaching sessions together, this package will suit you.

Total lifestyle transformation consists of 12 sessions. 6 x one hour Health Coaching sessions + 6 x 45 minutes of Personal Training sessions. 

(3-6 months. Depends if you do both or start training after Heath Coaching sessions get completed)