“I used to find the same old gym workout boring. Being a Diabetic and visually impaired, I needed to find a way to stay fit and healthy along with a trainer who was up for the challenge. Since training with Evie not only do i look and feel good but my fitness and energy levels are so much better. 

The workout is challenging but fun. The best thing about it for me is that i don’t get bored as the workout continuously changes and I get a cardio and resistance workout as well as learning new techniques and exercises to take home with me. The boxing is my personal favourite...Thanks Evie!”




"Evie is a fantastic personal trainer. Very motivational and encouraging with a great rapport. We laugh as well as train. Evie has helped me enjoy exercise and training again. If you are thinking of personal training, look no further than Evie. Pick up the phone and give it a go. You won’t regret it." 




"Evie is one in a million, she not only looks after your stamina, but also assist your with food choice, diet factors & mental health. She ensures you are exercising the right way, not just getting numbers & going through the motions.
I highly recommend Evie as a Total Fitness Trainer, her business name says it all." 




"My husband and I have been seeing Evie for months and she has been incredibly supportive of our fitness journey and helped us feel so much stronger and healthier. She is super knowledgeable and passionate. We are already seeing great results and doing things we never thought we could (like a 10km race!). Thanks Evie!"




"Evie, not only did you put a smile back on my face but you have been so supportive of my journey. You definitely know your stuff, fitness and food wise. I never thought I’d say this but I absolutely love training, your amazing energy is contagious. I know I always say this to you, but I’m so happy that we’ve crossed paths."




"I'm 27 weeks pregnant and have been training with Evie from the beginning. Evie has worked with my constantly changing body, adjusting exercises as I get bigger while also making sure I get a good workout. She has the amazing ability to make you feel incredibly comfortable and not self conscious and is just simply a lovely person. Highly recommend." 



"Of all the years I’ve been going to the gym and making a huge effort to consistently be there, I have to say Total Fitness Training, by far has made the biggest impact on my life. Evie who is a personal trainer and is the founder of TFT, makes every workout worth all the sweat. Each exercise is focused on reaching your goals and most importantly that your fitness experience is enjoyable and achievable. Tailoring a clean eating diet with delicious recipes is just one of Evie’s strengths which is also included in her personal training package".




"So I am an over 50 guy who was developing a dads’ bod. I have been with Evie for several months. I ‘ve dropped 8 kgs. Haven’t been that weight for 20 years.
Fitter than I have been for a long time. I hate gyms.
We train at a local park, always different so it doesn’t get stale.
The only problem is she wont take no for an answer. You gotta finish your reps!" 




"Never felt so good.  Amazing training suited to your needs, tailored meal planning and consistent mentoring. You feel stronger, healthier & see amazing results. I would highly recommend TFT to everyone.
Thank you TOTAL fitness training for helping me to achieve my goals, helping me reach my full potential and making me feel AMAZING." 


“I absolutely love having Evie as our trainer, the effort she puts in is amazing and if it wasn’t for Evie my husband and I would still be on the couch! I love that she makes me feel comfortable & I can ask all the questions and get real answers from a great trainer. She has helped me see that I can get fit!”




“My honest opinion regarding the training experience of my trainer Evie is that she’s fun, smart and her knowledge of diet and exercise is impressive. Her instruction is clear and she makes sure you understand what you are doing. Evie gives sound nutritional advice which leads to a realistic dietary plan that is comfortable to live with because she wants you to succeed. She’s a great motivator and a wonderful role model. If you follow Evie’s instructions anyone can reach their fitness goals. I think that the most important thing is her ability to truly care of her clients.”




"Evie is great to train with- she is punctual, accommodating and takes my injuries into consideration. I’ve enjoyed every class- even virtual- and have hit some goals. She also makes me laugh!" 




"Evie is such a fantastic trainer. She has really turned our lives around and gotten us to a place I didn’t think we would get to with our fitness. My partner and I look forward to training every week and wish we could go more often!!" 




"I started training with Evie in June 2016 for 3 months and thoroughly recommend Total Fitness Training to anyone needing help with their fitness goals.

Prior to starting with Evie, I was regularly going to the gym but I was not seeing any results and was losing motivation. It wasn’t until starting with Evie that I realised that I had wasted so much of my time doing the wrong exercises. I committed to two 45 minute sessions per week and saw results very quickly.

Having a professional take the time to listen to your history, help set your goals and then keep a watchful eye on your technique makes all the difference. 


Evie has a great knack for getting your best but keeping the sessions fun. The other big factor to success is food and the conversations I have with Evie, between sets, helped me identify where I was going wrong or where I could do better.

I now sleep better, my posture and general movement has improved, and I feel great.

The best money I ever spent!"




“Evie has helped me achieve over 10% loss in body fat over an 8 week period and has motivated me to keep reaching for the next goal. Evie is kind, considerate, and knowledgeable she has always treated me with dignity and respect. She is quite capable of pushing to ensure the results are gained and is not afraid to take on the challenge. Given I am 6’1” tall her ability to box with me until I could not lift an arm is tribute to her level of fitness as well as enjoyment of training people. I would not hesitate to recommend Evie to anyone or any fitness organisation requiring a dedicated and professional trainer.”



"I absolutely love working out with Evie, she makes working out fun! I always have an amazing time during our sessions. I love the tips, advice, laughs and support she provides. Evie has helped me achieve goals we set and is always pushing and challenging me. She is very friendly, supportive, very flexible and understanding. She is an amazing personal trainer who is extremely knowledgeable, I highly recommend using her services".



"Love love love total fitness training! Evie is professional, fun, she knows her stuff & if you follow along you will see the results. No training sessions are ever the same & she’s always there to help, her newsletters are great with yummy healthy recipes in them too :) Couldn’t recommend enough." 




“My name is Andrea and Evie has been my trainer for nearly 2 years. In that time I have lost 16 kilos and 13% of body fat. I have used other trainers in the past but none has been able to get me the results Evie has. Why? Because training with Evie is fun but still challenging. I don’t think I’ve done the same session twice, and that’s saying something after 2 years! Evie ‘gets me’. She understands my personality, issues and goals and tailors my sessions to me. I found other trainers to have a ‘one size fits all’ approach, clock on/clock off attitude. Evie cares, nothing is too much trouble. Her sessions are a mixture of encouragement and fun, but most importantly she kicks my butt! She pushes me past where I think I can go and then some. Quite simply, Evie is the BEST!”




“Prior to training with Evie, I felt over-weight and unmotivated to lose the weight due to a hormonal issue. I was very unfit and unhealthy due to my eating habits. When I started with Evie over a year ago, I lost 10KG and I have never felt more alive and comfortable in my own body. THANK YOU Evie for turning my life around.”




"Recently started training with Evie in a buddy session with my sister. Already seeing some great fitness and healthy changes in a very holistic way. Evie is super motivating and includes a variety of different workouts to help meet our individual goals. Looking forward to really seeing results. Would absolutely recommend you give Evie a go".




"Training with the lovely Evie is always challenging but fun. I look forward to her sessions. She is caring and tough at the same and always keeping me accountable to my goals. I definitely feel a change in me, mentally and physically. This makes it so damn worth it! I certainly would recommend her to anyone for her efforts and motivation".




"Evie is a supportive and encouraging partner to work with to reach your fitness goals! With the right balance between respecting your limits and knowing when to push you, Evie is a dream personal trainer. She takes into consideration your lifestyle and needs, tailoring workouts and fitness plans to help you succeed. I always look forward to my sessions with her."




Helen's Success Story 




Losing Weight with Evie

By Helen


One of my wonderful sons – James – thought that it would be a nice present to give me a Trainer for my Christmas/Birthday present at the end of last year. He talked to my husband about it who thought I would be upset that they thought I needed a Trainer. He told James to find out more about it and to ask me about it first before presenting it as a present. So my son told me about his idea with my husband cringing behind the lounge (not quite!). When he told me the idea I was very excited about it and was very appreciative of my son’s concern for me much to my husband’s disbelief but also relief.


What my husband did not know is that all last year I had wanted to do something about my weight gain with the last straw being putting on 10kg in November alone! I knew last year’s circumstances did not allow me to put the time and effort into a weight loss program. I was also not in the right place both mentally and emotionally. But I knew 2016 would be a bit different with some time being freed up and mentally and emotionally starting to feel better. I felt I could do something about it and I was thinking that to do it properly, I needed someone’s help.


He told me about Evie and I thought she would be the best person to help me and she has been!


I started off very mentally and emotionally strong and this lasted a while but I did find that as I encountered some medical issues that this did affect my ability to focus as well. I struggled through and still kept losing weight but some days were better than others.

Knowing that I had Evie there always kept me from giving up and straying too far off the path which was extremely helpful and allowed me to be able loose about 20kg in 10 months.

People have noticed too and my family is so proud of me!


I am now on track much better myself too and I am determined to keep doing well. I now have more confidence, do not have trouble finding clothes that fit, understand diet and feel so good! Although I had hoped to have lost probably an extra five kilograms I do know that this is an extremely fantastic weight loss and I am very happy!


I am about to finish my time with Evie but I am now confident I can keep losing the weight and get to my goal weight on my own. I now have the information, tools and understand what I need to do to lose weight.


I thank Evie for her belief in me and her always encouraging counsel. I could not have done it without her and I would thoroughly recommend her to anyone who would like to lose weight, gain weight or would like to get and stay fit.


If I can do it I know anyone can!


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