Smoothies By Evie

Smoothies By Evie

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Love your smoothies?

Start your day right with a healthy and nutritious smoothie!

21 recipes to choose from, all delicious and beneficial to your health!


Smoothies have been an integral part of my diet. I find smoothies a quick and nutritious way to fit in fruit and vegetables into your diet. Years of making smoothies, experementing with combinations of all sorts of fresh ingriedients have led me to share my knowlwdge with you in my first Ebook - I love smoothies! Fresh nutritious, with a boost of antioxiants and vitamins in a glass!


Hope you enjoy them!

* EBook will be sent to your email address within a few hours.

* $2 of every EBook sale will be donated to Diabetes Australia. The fact that you and I could make a difference is a rewarding experience.