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Director/Health Coach/Personal Trainer




I started in this industry eight years ago because I wanted to make a difference. I have always loved feeling healthy and strong. And I wanted to help others feel the same.


Over the years, I have helped over 300 clients from one on one and group training to achieve their goals. Theres no better feeling than having helped someone achieve their goal and to know I have made a difference in their life. My journey has taken me from a Master Trainer to focusing on Boxing and Advanced Power Lifting.


From my first day as a personal trainer I have loved to teach people about exercise, nutrition and about the right balance in life. I have used this passion to fuel my goal to create a business that would help and teach others.

I have lived by the motto everything is ok in moderation, to be good 80% of the time and indulge a little 20%.


Why train with Evie:  



My personal training programs are individually designed to suit each client's background and goals.

My training philosophy is to create workouts structured around everyday movements - called 'Functional Training' - designed to help your body be stronger in things you 'just do'.

These movements are sometimes referred to as 'Primal Patterns' and comprise of the following 7 movements: Squat, Lunge, Push, Pull, Twist, bend and Gait/Combination.

Primal Patterns are compound (use lots of joints and muscles) exercises which are familiar to us and are necessary throughout life.


Sessions include: Cardiovascular Exercises, Powerbands, Strength Training, Boxing, Medicine ball, Kettle bell, Sandbag and TRX training. My training sessions are never the same - they are fun and tailored to your goals.


Let's talk about your goals - whether you are trying to lose weight, build strength, overcome injury or want to improve your overall health I will guide you to achieve them.


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Personal Trainer



About Will:


Growing up with a sporting background and always leading an active lifestyle lead to Will finding his career in the Fitness Industry. Studying a Bachelor of Sports Studies in Coaching, completing his Certificates III and IV in Personal Training along with eight years in the Health and Fitness industry has resulted in great experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.


Why train with Will: 



Will makes the sessions about you, tailoring them to your individual needs. Both short-term and long-term goals are set in a realistic platform to help you get where you want to be. Take the guess work out of training, he?ll tell you exactly what needs to be done each week, both with exercise and nutrition.


Equipment includes: sandbags, resistance bands, kettlebells, dumbbells, sleds, boxing, bodyweight exercises. You?ll never get bored!


Will has transformed hundreds of bodies and lives and built lifelong friendships along the way. His approachable manner and ability to get along with all personalities helps you enjoy your journey all the more. Will believes consistency is the key to health and fitness. ?Consistently train and eat well the majority of the time and the results will come. Remember to enjoy life and splurge occasionally?. His specialty in Injury Prevention has helped clients with nagging injuries and muscle imbalances.


Whether you?re an experienced athlete looking for that extra push to increase your sporting performance/fitness goals or you?re a complete beginner Will can help you!


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Personal Trainer 



About Elizabeth:


With 25 years in the Fitness Industry as a personal trainer, gym instructor and group exercise instructor, Elizabeth has vast experience designing and implementing exercise programs for individuals as varied as an Australian representative athlete and an octogenarian with double hip replacements.


Having obtained her initial qualification as Fitness Leader in 1992, she refreshed her qualifications in 2013 with Certificate III and IV in Fitness, and the Diploma in Fitness in 2014. Consequently, she possesses extensive in-depth experience while being totally up-to-date with the current knowledge and standards.


As a former competitive natural bodybuilder, Elizabeth has considerable expertise in strength training and body sculpture, as well as weight loss and contest preparation.

Elizabeth believes the key to success in the Fitness Industry is to genuinely care about the wellbeing of her clients. She finds it incredibly rewarding to help her clients reach their goals and fulfil their potential, and she takes pride in knowing she is a strongly positive influence in their lives.


Why train with Elizabeth:  



Elizabeth is committed to safe training and perfect technique as she know that only perfect technique will achieve the results a client desires. To achieve their goals a client must work hard. To work hard a client needs the confidence to know that what they?re doing won?t hurt them. Elizabeth can give them that confidence because she has never injured a client.

She understands the vulnerabilities of the aging body, and has proven ability in Identifying and correcting strength and flexibility imbalances. She is experienced in designing and implementing rehabilitation programs for injuries and postural correction issues, and if you have a bad back she will fix it!

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Personal Trainer 




About Eduardo:


Originally from São Paulo, Brazil, Eduardo’s passion for fitness started from being a student athlete, to playing five years at a professional level of (football/soccer).  


Eduardo has completed Certificate III & IV in Personal Training and has over five years’ experience as a qualified Personal Trainer. Eduardo is also a football/soccer coach, power lifting and functional training instructor. 


Eduardo loves to continually expand his knowledge by studying and learning new methods of training.

He is passionate about teaching, helping and coaching people in order for them to achieve their goals and improve their skills and mindfulness.


Eduardo’s  methods are all about Human Movement. He has a deep understanding on how the body works, with a particular focus on improving your body for sport, fitness and your overall well-being.  

Eduardo has developed a Holistic understanding of the impact exercise and physical activity has on human life. Human movement is Eduardo’s drive, to improve his client’s background and performance so they can feel free and confident about their body shape in order for them to reach amazing results.



Why train with Eduardo? 



Eduardo’s priority as a Personal Trainer is for him and his clients to work together. He wants his clients to be able to express what they want from a goal and what they want to learn or improve so “THEY” can work together as a team. He wants to be able to give his clients the most suited program in order for them to achieve these objectives.

Eduardo’s philosophy is to promote an idea of a human more capable to performance.

To reach this, Eduardo has principles that “BOTH” himself and clients need to follow to be successful;


1st: Mindfulness: Be able to control your body in any kind of position and situation.

2nd: Explore movement: Explore and give opportunity to move yourself.

3rd: Challenges: All sessions should be challenge, as it makes you learn and improve something that you did not know before that day.

4th: Nutrition and Commitment: For everything to work, commitment in this process is a must!

It takes time, hard work and focus to reach your “BESTME!”


The following, are some client achievements that Eduardo is proud of;

*Gustavo Godoy started from no power lifting to running a half marathon in Buenos Aires (four-month evolution).

*Helped Solange Piffer recover full mobility of her knee without pain (accident aftermaths).

*Pedro Chiamulera an Olympic athlete, Barcelona (1992) and Atlanta (1996). Pedro had back pain, no flexibility in his hips and ankles. After the training system he improved his hips range and ankles mobility with muscular power.

*Mark Lewin was diagnosed with chondromalacia (chronic knee pain), doctors said that he woudn't able to run again and impossible for him do a proper full squat. Two months into Eduardo's program he was resting in a full squat position without pain and four months later he returned to running.



Personal Trainer



About Sanya:


Sanya knows the dedication and hard work required for weight loss, as she has experienced her own body transformation. From being obese, weighing 103kgs down to a healthy 60kg.

Sanya's amazing 48kg weigh loss journey has motivated her to get into the fitness industry to help others with their journey.


Sanya has been a Personal Trainer for three years. Has completed her Certificate III & IV in Personal Training along with  Kettle bell, TRX and Tabata Training. Her experience has successfully helped many clients achieve their goals and much more. Her passion for fitness drives her to reach her full potential  each day with her clients. Sanya constantly changes  the variety of exercises and finds new ways to push her clients for maximum results.


Why Train With Sanya:



Sanya specializes in Holistic Nutrition which helps her to develop a healthy and balanced diet for Individuals.

Her goal orientated programs include; fat loss, HIIT training, strength & conditioning both in

one on one training and group fitness classes.


As well as the specialties above, Sanya can design a program to anyone wanting to

BUILD-A-BOOTY. A lot of women think it's impossible to go from a pancake butt to a strong perky booty, but that's exactly what shes done with her own body transformation and that's exactly what her program is designed to help you do! 

With her experience, determination  and passion behind her, Sanya is a force to be reckoned with!


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