Health Partners

Mark Finch and Mariane Barakat have been great friends of mine for years.  After coming together on their journey through energetic medicine and the Body Code method, Mark  and Mariane have co-founded Healing Energetix after seeing its efficacy in healing not only themselves, but their family, friends and clients.

I have recommended Mark and Mariane to family, friends and clients. Apart from seeing results Mark and Mariane have truly changed mine and their lives!


What is Body Code/Emotion Code?


Body Code/Emotional Code can release all the underlying imbalances caused from trauma, mental, physical or emotional blockages in your body. Releasing trapped emotions can be like turning back the hands of time.

All health issues fall under the 6 categories of imbalance in The Body Code System:


Circuitry – The organs, glands and muscles that make up our physical body.

Energetic – These are generally trapped emotions.

Pathogens – Fungal, Bacterial, Viral, mould and Parasites.

Nutritional – The food we eat, including herbs and nutrients.

Structural – The bones, nerves, and connective tissue.

Toxicity – Heavy metals, free radicals, chemicals and other environmental toxins.


By utilising muscle testing (the kinesiological response from the body), the same as Emotion Code, they can tap into the subconscious mind and reveal the precise answers they need to correct imbalances in those key six areas.


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