About Evie 

Total Fitness Training has been the natural progression that has complimented Evie’s passion for fitness. She has spent 11 years nourishing, growing and expanding her business.


In her own words…


"From my first days as a personal trainer I have loved to teach people about exercise, nutrition and about finding the right balance in life. I try and teach my clients that there is no quick fix as I don't believe in diets but more importantly a long-term lifestyle change. I have used this passion to fuel my goal to create a business that would help and teach others".


During Evie's journey she has gained experience in boxing, weight training including power lifting and she is now into her third year of CrossFit training. Evie has also gained a qualification in nutrition and diet and has a qualification in health coaching. These have particularly helped her with clients that have diabetes as well as heart disease. As a personal trainer Evie has helped a very large number of clients achieve their goals. Whether you are trying to lose weight, build strength or want to improve your overall health, Evie will help you achieve your goals!                              

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